On March 23rd the SwimRVA Rapids Swim Team competed in the St. Patty’s Day Gold Cup and excelled to the point of awe for both coaches and competition!

“Technique was a major factor in improving races,” said Deidre Geroni, SwimRVA Program Manager and one of the coaches for the SwimRVA Rapids. “Our breaststroke pull-outs and streamline breakouts looked spectacular for the entire duration of the meet. Small details like dolphin kicks underwater make huge differences in swims. The skills that we have been learning in practice have translated to success in the water.” 

The accolades complement the statistics. Post-meet results produced 29 Personal Best times, 44 Top Ten finishes, and 18 Top Five finishes! Read below to see a breakdown of feats accomplished.

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The SwimRVA Rapids Swim Team showed up and showed out at the St. Patty’s Day Gold Cup, proving that the old saying “hard work pays off” still holds true.

Personal Bests include:

  • Abigail (50 – backstroke)
  • Ashby (50 – backstroke, 50 – freestyle)
  • Ayden (25 butterfly, 25 – breaststroke, 25 – freestyle)
  • Ashley (50 – breaststroke, 50 – backstroke)
  • Brandon (50 – freestyle, 100 – individual medley)
  • Chandler (50 – butterfly)
  • Chloe (25 – butterfly, 25 – backstroke)
  • Delaney (100 individual medley)
  • Dinda (50 – freestyle)
  • Emerie (50 – breaststroke)
  • Erin (50 – backstroke)
  • Grant (25 – breaststroke)
  • Hazel (50 – breaststroke, 50 – backstroke, 50 – freestyle)
  • Laurel (50 – breaststroke)
  • Layla (50 – butterfly, 50 – breaststroke)
  • Logan (25 – breaststroke, 25 – backstroke)
  • Mackenzie P. (25 – freestyle)
  • Matthew (25 – freestyle)
  • Sammy (50 – backstroke)
  • Sarah (50 – freestyle)

Three swimmers achieved SwimRVA’s rare “Wave Train”! A Wave Train occurs when a swimmer earns a Personal Best in all of his or her individual events at a meet. Congratulations to Ashley, Ayden, and Hazel!

Congratulations to Ayden and Matthew for their First-Place finishes at the Gold Cup!

  • Ayden (8yrs & Under 25 – freestyle)
  • Matthew(8yrs & Under 25 – breaststroke)



Swimming for the SwimRVA Rapids means having the courage to step up to the plate to support the team, and the following swimmers did just that!

Shout out to these courageous swimmers for accomplishing swimming firsts!

Diuto and James competed in their first swim meet this past tournament!

  • Diuto(50 – freestyle, 50 – backstroke)
  • James(50 – freestyle)

Abigail, Dinda, Laurel, Logan, and Sarah all swam their first 100yd Individual Medley!

  • Logan also took on the monumental challenge of swimming in 5 individual events at the meet!

SwimRVA Rapids Swimmers preparing to high-five each other


The Class 3 swimmers displayed a tremendous amount of team spirit as they cheered for their teammates until the end of the meet. Coach Geroni reflected how, “they were always at the end of the lane to support each other. Awesome show of solidarity and team spirit!”

Great job to the SwimRVA Rapids and continue to Swim for It! You can catch the Rapids in action at the next Home meet on April 27th!

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