The old saying, “It Takes a Village” holds true when working to make change in neighboring communities. Without the effort and dedication given by our team players, SwimRVA would not be where it is today. Here are four people that were highlighted by their own communities as true agents of change.

Marie| Most Spirited

SwimRVA Wellness Most Spirited

Marie is very much a wellness advocate for SwimRVA; from the therapy pool to her love of deep water classes to her love of assisting the children in the SwimRVA Learn-to-Swim program. She’s always pleasant and friendly to others by showing them the ropes! Thank you for inspiring others everyday, Marie!

Gina| Hardest Working

SwimRVA Wellness Hardest Worker

Gina has been an active Team Player with SwimRVA since July of 2017. She got plugged in right away to the morning shallow water classes and has continued the routine ever since. You can find Gina Monday through Friday taking the 8am Arthritis Foundation & More class, and 8:45am Zone 3 (Working Hard, Playing Hard) class.

‘Gina deserves the Hardest Worker recognition because of her consistency and drive. She takes the Zones very seriously; you can count on her to push herself into Zone 3. Keep up the great work!

Carolyne| Friendliest

SwimRVA Wellness Friendliest

Carolyne has a huge heart, and is a joy to be around! She is always looking for ways to connect to others to make them feel welcomed and comfortable in class. She shows a genuine interest in other’s lives and wants to get to know everyone.

You can always find Carolyne making others laugh, and finding fun in every situation. Thanks for being so kind, Carolyne!

Judy| Community Hero of the Month

SwimRVA Wellness Community Service Hero

I nominate Judy Lee. She takes our lost and found towels to 4 places! They include: the dog shelter, the VA Hospital, Caritas, and the SwimRVA Learn-to-Swim children. Judy does this all on her own because she CARES!”

Judy is always looking to help others every single day. She dedicated her time at multiple charities and nonprofit organizations in Richmond Community. Thank you for all you do to better the lives of people and animals, Judy!






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