“There is something about being in the water that is so healing”

Wendy Carter and her Siren Sisters are part of an unique community in the world of aquatics, synchronized swimming. The majestic sport that is seasonally highlighted in the Olympics and small references in pop culture, has played a much larger role in the life of Wendy and her teammates. Wendy’s synchro roots run deep, she was raised within the sport and credits the rare art formed activity with adding expression, creativity, fun, physical activity and friendships to her life.


Wendy’s a member of the  D.C. Synchromasters team that recently returned from Florida, where the 2017 U.S. Masters National Synchro Championships were held. The teams latest adventure in Florida is just a tip of the iceberg for these athletes, the sport has taken Wendy and her teammates all over the world, from competing in numerous competitions to lending their talents in major motion picture productions.


The bond that the Siren Sisters share is evident in their laughter and consistent presence at practices. Team members scale 3 generations with what appears to be the perfect balance of camaraderie and community within the sisterhood. The overall positive effects of synchro are embed in Wendy’s speech when she reflects on what the sport has meant to her. She hopes to ultimately see growth in the sport so that others can benefit from the activity that has given her so much.