The Olympic games started 3,000 years ago in ancient Greece at Olympia in honor of the god Zeus.  Today’s modern Olympics, which started again in 1896 in Athens, has over 11,000 athletes from over 200 countries around the world.

Swimming has always been one of the original sports at the games and is one of the most heart pumping, exciting sports to watch.  Athletes take their marks to make their marks in history.  From individuals events to team relays, swimming is as fast paced and thrilling as they come.  Anything can happen.

This past weekend had some amazing finishes and new Olympic and world records set.  Here is your weekend update of some of the titles that USA took in both individual races and relay races.



KALISZ, Chase took 2nd in the 400 individual medley.

DWYER, Conor barely missed a medal by placing 4th in the 400 M freestyle.

MILLER, Cody got the bronze medal during the 100 M breast stroke while is teammate, Kevin Cordes finished right behind him in 4th.

HAAS, Townley got off to a slow start but finished 6th overall in the 200 M freestyle for his chance at his first Olympic medal.  He will swim around 9:20 PM on Monday, August 8th.  CLICK HERE TO SEE.

USA took home the gold in the 4 x 100 M freestyle relay and the last swim of the night.  Caleb Dressel led it off and took an early lead but the second leg helped clinch the win.  Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian in the world, took the stage for his final games of his career.  This gold medal brings his count to a total of 23 Olympic medals and 19 of those being gold.  Ryan Held and Nathan Adrian finished it off for a clear victory.



DIRADO, Madeline got 2nd in the 400 M individual medley.

VOLLMER, Dana, former world record holder took the bronze in the 100 M butterfly.  She was beat out by Sarah Sjostrom who is the first ever Swedish women to win a medal and took the title of the new world record holder.

SMITH, Leah got 3rd in the 400 M freestyle.

LEDECKY, Katie was one to watch.  She destroyed both the Olympic record and the world record in the 400 M freestyle by nearly 2 seconds.  Keep an eye out for LEDECKY.

Katie also helped her three teammates take the silver medal in the womens 4 x 100 M freestyle relay on Saturday.  Her teammates included Simone Manuel, Abbey Weitzeil, and Dana Vollmer.


Congratulations to all of the athletes this past weekend.  Swimming starts back again today around lunch time.  CHECK OUT LIVE RESULTS HERE.