Continuing to stay active, healthy and fit is key to a happy heart and thriving life!  However, the first step is realizing that you can do it.  This is no easy task and for some it may never happen.  For Priscilla, it wasn’t even a question.  She wanted to take control of her health and her life.

Priscilla started coming in July of 2015.  Since then she has reached every one of her goals and now continues to make new goals every day!  She is a true inspiration to her friends and family and all of the adults who decide its time to SWIM Picture2FOR IT!  Check out this heartwarming note she wrote to us:

“I joined the center in July of 2015 and it has become my second home.  I truly love coming to SwimRVA and taking the water aerobics classes.  The staff are an amazing group of people, always helpful and supportive.”

“I spend approximately 16 hours a weeks with there amazing people, and I wouldn’t trade it for all the tea in China!”

Priscilla has made many friends with both the staff and the other men and women who take the 70+ water and land aerobics classes that are offered at SwimRVA each week.  She goes on to explain her personal successes she has completed.

“From July to Present I have LOST 25 POUND and gained much confidence and self-esteem.  My attitude about living life has changed in the positive and I feel like a newly made Bionic Woman!  When I started here I couldn’t walk or stand for more than 10 minutes.  Today I am taking back to back water classes and my mobility is so much better.”

WOW!  For Priscilla, land activities were not an option.  Aquatics has opened the doors to a newly found mobility!

“My goal is to continue with water aerobics and eventually graduate to taking land classes.  Thank you SwimRVA.  YOU TRULY CHANGED MY LIFE!”

Thank you Priscilla!  You are a true inspiration to everyone.  Thank you for your Determination and Persistence.  Congratulations on your continued SUCCESS!