SwimRVA has just started a new campaign, Swim For It!  As we strive to make water safety and aquatic fitness more accessible to all, SwimRVA is developing programs and initiatives throughout the entire greater Richmond region.

50% of the population does not know how to swim.  Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death for all children ages 14 and under.  It is also the fifth leading cause of accidental deaths for all ages!  SwimRVA’s goal is to teach every second grader in the Richmond region to learn how to swim.

Access to aquatics can also open up so many doors for everyone.  Not only does learning to swim help keep children and adult water safe, it also provides the skills needed to stay active, healthy and fit for the rest of your life.  Given the buoyancy of water, aquatic fitness and zero-impact aerobics is a tool you can use until you are 120 years old.

This is what we swim for.  We strive to make Richmond safer, more active and a more thriving region!  What do you swim for?  SWIM FOR IT!