Lee is truly grateful to be able to share his story today.  Early in 2015, he suffered from chronic heart and kidney failure.  He was put in a class 4 rank for his heart condition.  He was immediately medicated and entered into a cardio rehabilitative program under doctors’ orders.  Once his prescribed time in the rehabilitative program ended, he still had goals for himself.Lee Price

Lee said SwimRVA was an easy choice.  He lives close and knew of the benefits that aquatics offer.  Not knowing what the results would be, he was determined and persistent to make a change and form new goals as he went.  Lee stated “the instructional pool allowed me to learn to swim all over again.” Lee used the techniques he learned while in therapy and has continued from there.  He took advantage of the wellness consultation offered at SwimRVA.  Lee stated that Chase, the wellness coordinator and instructor, has always been there to talk to for help.  He made sure to get in the pool almost every day!

With his continued effort, Lee has made progressions beyond belief!  To this date, he has lost 30 pounds through a better diet and his exercising.  He is now a class 2 in regards to his heart condition! Lee’s cardiologist congratulated him on no longer having complications with atrial fibrillation.  His kidney doctor told him that if all of his patients were like this he would be out of a job.

Lee has been able to regain a good part of his health.  His family is so happy, and his positivity has had a residual impact on them!  Lee said he will continue to exercise and set new goals for himself.  His new goal: to compete in the 50 meter freestyle!  Lee said that his accomplishments are “better than winning the lottery” and gives his full appreciation to all of the staff at SwimRVA for all of the support he has felt since he’s started.

Lee goes on to say, “It is going to take more time to reach my new goals… but I HAVE TIME NOW”!