We were able to sit down with Master Swim Coach Jay Peluso!  Have you been wondering what you should be doing as a swimmer?  Well, we touched on that as well as we got a better look into his masters swim program, Peluso Open Water Masters, and the upcoming event Jingle Bell Rock Classic!

1.  When did you get started swimming?

In the summer when I was 13 years old in Rhode Island. I swam on the USS team and then on my high school team.

2.  Did you used to swim growing up?

Yes.  As a child, I had access to the pool on base.  So I was able to go there and swim for fun and stuff.

3.  What made you get into masters swimming?View More: http://tiffanyheidenthal.pass.us/grap

I started coaching a school age group team at the YMCA when I was offered a position to coach a master’s team.

4.  What are your favorite events to swim?

My favorites are the 200 IM and the 100 Fly.

5.  What are your swimming strengths?

The breaststroke and butterfly.

6.  What are your swimming weaknesses?

The backstroke, the backstroke, and the backstroke!

7.  What does open water swimming entail?

No walls.  There is lots of scenery, there is always something to look at.  It is always changing.

8.  What sort of cross-training do you do?

Biking, running, and strength training.  During the offseason, I cross-train every other day.  And during the season I cross-train every day.

9.  What advice would you give to a beginner swimmer?

Take a lesson and have it video recorded.  Then have that video analyzed.

10.  What do find most enjoyable about swimming?

I really enjoy swimming hard with other people.

11.  What is your training philosophy?

Mix it up.  You need technique work, interval training, and long endurance training.  You should do a little of each every week.

12.   Tell me about your masters swim program.

Peluso Open Water is the largest single program in Virginia with close to 200 registered swimmers!  We are able to practice at the best facility thanks to SwimRVA and have amazing coaches.  We offer morning and evening practices.  We work with all swimmers from those afraid to put their heads in the water, to former collegiate All-Americans, and all in-between!

13.   Tell me about the Jingle Bell Rock Classic.

This is a fundraiser for the SwimRVA Swim School.Jingle Bell Rock Classic  It is a one day master’s swim meet on December 13th, 2015 held at SwimRVA.  All event winners will receive awards that are gifts to be donated to the SwimRVA Swim School.  Trinity Episcopal School is partnering with us and volunteers will be staffed by them!  They are also collecting donations and will provide a lump sum donation to the SwimRVA Swim School!

To date, we have raised $1,000 in donations!!  We invite you to come out and swim or donate if you are not able to attend the meet!

14.  Tell me a little more about yourself.

I am the Race Director for Rev3 Triathlon.  I decided to start a swim program when I noticed that swimming was a struggle for triathletes, and I wanted to help.  It started out as open water lessons then turned into a small pool program and has grown into what it is today.  Other than that, I use to be a criminal defense lawyer.  Other than that, I have no life!

We are excited for the upcoming event The Jingle Bell Rock Classic!  With such passion for swimming and to help others, there is no question that his program will continue to grow!