We all face challenges in our lives and have to find paths to overcome them.  When Brenda was faced with a big challenge in regards to her health, she turned to SwimRVA and the fitness classes to reach her goals.  Take a look her story:
Brenda ZimnyBrenda’s accomplishments deserve a round of applause.  She has type 2 diabetes and was faced with a challenge.  She had a goal to lose weight and manage her diabetes.  Brenda was interested in the yoga class, but was hesitant about her limitations.  When she started, she had to use a chair to participate.  Now, she is able to move freely from seated to standing positions.
As if that isn’t enough of an accomplishment,  she has dropped 11 lbs since beginning her classes.  Her A1C count has dropped from 10.6 to 6.9 since coming.  Her doctor CAN NOT believe what she is accomplishing.  When her A1C gets to 6.1 she will be able to stop taking insulin.
She has been coming to classes with Suzanne on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Suzanne stated:
“When Brenda came in, she was apprehensive  about her ability to perform the exercises in my yoga class.  She did not believe that she could achieve her goals of losing weight and becoming stronger.  Her main concern was her inability to move from sitting to standing positions in the class.  Her dedication and desire was obvious from the start.  Now, She attends class regularly.  I strongly believe that she is a great role model for anyone who is facing a struggle!”
Brenda says she feels like a “new woman” in her 30’s again.  She like the water classes as well as the yoga classes.  Brenda credits SwimRVA  for changing her life! We can’t wait to see what other accomplishments Brenda will achieve!