It is always a big step to start something new.  For many, water aerobics is a new opportunity.  You’ve heard of the many benefits and you want to get started.  However, there could be many obstacles holding you back.  Howard felt this struggle first hand:

Howard_BoisseauHoward was skeptic about starting water aerobic classes.  He stated: “I had to build the courage to try something new.  And I had to keep coming though I wasn’t sure I could do it”.  Howard had noticed some benefits from his involvement with water aerobic classes.  He is more alert and has more stamina.  The biggest improvement that he is excited about is that he no longer has to use his cane to walk!  “I have gained strength in my legs” he said.   Howard now enjoys engaging with others in the class, though he started off rather timid.   He is looking forward to the many other benefits that await him on his journey!

“A gentleman arrived for his first time for the 8:00 AM Water Aerobics on October 26th.  Howard came to the class not sure what to expect. He wasn’t shy, had a great sense of humor and a bright smile on his face.  Howard shared he is recovering from a stroke and the stroke  affected his left side.  I suggested using a belt to help his stability while in the water.  Keeping close to the side of the pool Howard was faithful coming to the 8:00AM class every day.

 Each day he was becoming stronger and has become a little braver.  In fact he has gone from the side of the pool to the middle of the instructional pool this week!  This week Howard shared with the group he has increased strength in his legs, improved balance and he feels good about himself. In fact, his neighbor could see a difference and remarked that he looked like he was losing weight.  Howard is a prime example no matter your ability, our water aerobic classes can and do make a difference in your life!  Keep up the good work Howard!!!”
– Judy Lee,  SwimRVA Instructor
The water boasts many benefits and your journey with water aerobics is waiting.  All it takes is making that first step!  Take it from Howard, that first step may be hard, but it is worth it!