Take control of the day and jump-start your motivation for a healthy and active day!  Thanksgiving dinner can still be joyful, delicious and healthy.  You can enjoy your favorite dishes using reasonable portion sizes and healthier options.  Take a look at these 7 tips for a happy and healthy holiday, without sacrificing any flavor or fun.

  1. Eat Breakfast.  Start a healthy Thanksgiving with a healthy breakfast.  Saving up for a big meal tends to lead to overindulging.  Not to mention, eating one big meal can cause you to eat bigger portions or have multiple plates.
  2. Start the Day With Physical Activity – and Stay Active.  Take a walk early in the day or opt for another form of activity to start your Thanksgiving.  Build some physical activities into your day such as planning some outdoor fun before dinner, like a game of soccer or volleyball with the kids.
  3. Stay Hydrated.  Make sure to drink water throughout the day. Not drinking enough water could cause you to feel hungry, but may actually be thirst.
  4. Lighten Up Your Meal.   Whether you are Greek Yogart vs Sour Creamhosting Thanksgiving dinner or bringing a few dishes to share, make your recipes healthier with less fat, sugar, and calories.
  5. Remember You Proportions.  Take a moment and look at all of the dishes available.  Then select reasonable-sized portions of foods you cannot live without.  This will help keep you from piling heaps of food on your plate.
  6. Stop Eating When You’re Full.  Yes, this seems obvious, but Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where many keep eating until they can’t move.  “Stuffing” yourself is not healthy and should be avoided.
  7. Be Realistic! Yes, you do want to stick to your goals.  However, this is a good time to strive for weight maintenance instead of weight loss.  With all of the celebrations and busy schedules, you have to be realistic with what you can achieve.

At the end of the day, Thanksgiving should be enjoyed with loved ones. Don’t stress yourself if you end up eating a bit more than you planned.  Once the weekend of activities end, get back on track with your health and wellness goals!  Happy Thanksgiving from SwimRVA!