Nelly Tapia made the choice to enroll her two sons, Rodrigo and Alvaro, into swim lessons.  She had doubts because their experience with water was pretty much nonexistent.  However, she knew that learning to swim is an important skill that her kids needed.  She would have never imagined the outcome!

Rodrigo & Alvaro“About a year ago my kids Rodrigo(15) and Alvaro(12) started to do swimming. I didn’t think it would be a good outcome because Rodrigo had never done swimming and Alvaro was afraid. But I was wrong, they both got a hang of it and were doing very well. Now Rodrigo is on the swim team and Alvaro is on the level 7. I feel like swimming has improved many things in their lives. Today the show more responsibility in all areas of their lives.They sleep better, do all their homework and are always prepared. Marcos and I are very proud of our kid’s progress and appreciate  all of the help SwimRVA has given to bring them this far.
Our family strongly agrees that all kids should know at least how to swim.

Thank you, SwimRVA!!!

Nelly Tapia – Rodrigo & Alvaro mom.”

SwimRVA believes that all kids should know how to swim.  As Rodrigo and Alvaro show, you can overcome your fear of swimming.  They have come so far and continue to push themselves in the water!