There are many reasons people use aquatics to re-gain their health.  Whether its injuries, back issues, arthritis, knee or hip replacements or simply an alternative to gravity based workouts.  Whatever your reason is, its time to take back your life!

Check out Kim Hardings story of how she took control of her future after starting SwimRVA’s Wellness group fitness classes:

“I’m so grateful for the very many fitness classes offered. I joined in late August with a

Kim Harding Before-Aftergoal of continuing to lose weight and to get in better shape. In particular, I was looking for something that would help me tone up, especially my arms and legs. Well, I certainly found it here! At the beginning of September I took full-body measurements of myself and then at the end of the month, I took those same measurements again. After a month of water fitness classes, I was ever so pleased to find that I had lost over 11 pounds and more importantly, almost 9 inches from my body! I was especially pleased to find that many of those inches came from areas I had been struggling to slim down, such as my hips and thighs and calves. I am firmly convinced that my success wouldn’t have been so pronounced this past month without the excellent workouts I get from the various water classes.” – Kim Harding

Congratulations Kim!

Now,  its your turn.  What is your goal?  How will you accomplish it?

Good luck and stay active RVA!!