The pool can be an exciting yet scary experience for kids, like Joseph.  He enjoyed playing in the Joseph - ring bellwater, but only if he was in shallow water and did not have to put his head under water.  Entering camp at SwimRVA, these fears were quickly heightened.  Joseph almost let those fears take away the joy that he used to experience in the water.  Thanks to encouragement from his parents and the counselors at camp, Joseph faced and overcame those fears of the water!

To highlight Joseph’s progress:

Joseph - thumbs upAt the beginning of camp, Joseph would not attempt to submerge his head during swim lessons. The first station of lessons encourages students to blow bubbles under water.  He had such a fear that tears would form when it came time to get into the pool.  By the end of camp, Joseph passed the second station of swim lessons. Not only that, he is now comfortable in deeper levels of water and submerging his head.

Joseph loves to show off his accomplishments!  He wants everyone to watch him go under water and blow bubbles.  He is willing and comfortable trying different things in the water now.  When asked about his experience, Joseph responded “I don’t cry or whine anymore and I don’t want to leave camp.”

As Christopher Robin said: “Always remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”