Having a residential pool on your property is a fast growing amenity.  Aquatic activities are a great way to spend time with the family while staying cool during the summer months.  However, the water can be a dangerous attraction.  Here are 8 tips to keeping your family safe in your backyard pool.

  1. Your Fence. Your pool should be completely fenced in; a fence at least 4 feet tall is recommended.  If your house serves as the fourth side of the fence make sure that there are no gaps.
  2. Gates & Entrances. Make sure that you have a secure gate entrance from the fenced perimeter.  For safety reasons, you should put some kind of lock on the gate so that children or others can’t easily access the pool. If the house acts as a fourth leg to the fence, make sure any entrances from that side of the house are secured.
  3. Pool Cover. Maintain that your pool cover is in good working order.  It should be secure and fully cover your pool.
  4. Pool Equipment. Make sure that all pool equipment is functioning correctly as this will help ensure that your pool stays clean and safe for your family to enjoy.
  5. Safety Equipment. You should have a safety kit that is easily accessible for you and your family.  Include: first aid kit, scissors, U.S Coast Guard approved flotation devices and a portable phone.View More: http://tiffanyheidenthal.pass.us/grap
  6. Pool Safety Rules. Establish pool safety rules and continuously review them with your family, especially kids.  These rules should also be stated to any guests that you have at the pool.
  7. Supervision. All kids should always be under close supervision while in the pool.  It is recommended that no one go swimming alone regardless of age or swim level.  Should your child go missing, always check the pool first.
  8. Practice Water Safety. Due to the easy access to the water, teach all family members how to swim.  If you get swim lessons you should understand How long it takes to learn how to swim.  Another thing you may want to learn is CPRhow to perform CPR and first aid.  These skills will help prevent and aid in any accidents that may occur.

Taking these precautions will help you have peace of mind when your family is enjoying a splash in your pool.  Make sure that you are continuously going over and inspecting your pool.  It also isn’t a bad idea if you share these with neighbors that also have pools.  We want the water to be a safe and fun activity for your family.