A great benefit about the water is that you can enjoy it in a variety of ways.  How fun is it to go fishing, canoeing, or just spend family time on a boat?  Regardless of the type of boat you will be venturing out in, safety should be made a priority.  Before you go out, SwimRVA wants you to remember to BE SAFE:

B – Boat.  You should check your boat to make sure it is operating properly.  You should have a checklist to review to help avoid any potential problems

E – Equipment. Check that all of your equipment is working.  This would include all navigation and communication devices.

S – Safety Devices. Ensure that you are equipped with adequate safety devises.  This includes a U.S Coast Guard approved life jacket for EACH person, at least one approved throw-able devise, and a fully-stocked boating emergency/survival kit.

A – Awareness.  Be aware and follow the navigation and other rules of on the water.  You should also be aware of any required license or courses needed to operate different boats (will vary from state to state).  It is important to be aware of any passengers that cannot swim and make sure they are wearing a life jacket at all times.

F – First Aid/Emergency Procedures.  You should have an emergency plan in place and review it with the passengers on board.  You will need to notify all passengers of the locations of the first aid kit and flotation devises.

E – Environment.  Before going out on the water you need to check the weather conditions.  You will need to check the conditions of the water as well.  Make sure you become familiar with the body of water you are venturing into whether it be a lake, river, or ocean.

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