Learning to swim can open many doors.  The most important door leads to those important water safety skills that are learned.   Some of the other doors open up to the variety of aquatic activities that are available.  Water polo is one of those activities that is quickly catching everyone’s attention as it becomes more accessible.

A great example of young individuals taking advantage of their new found “wings in the water” are the students from Meadowbrook and Armstrong High Schools.  SwimRVA started a swim club in January for Meadowbrook and Armstrong  students to have more diverse after school opportunities.  As their swimming skills are advancing, they are being introduced to the many aquatic activities that once seemed out of reach.  At a recent practice,  many of the swimmers had a chance to learn how to play water polo!  These student-athletes went from barely knowing how to swim to working together as a team to learn a new sport.  They now have the opportunity to learn structure and toughness in an environment that would have not been available to them a few months ago!  This was the first time that any of these student-athletes had picked up a water polo ball!  Even more amazing is the instant interest and excitement about being able to take part in this.

Our goal is to continue to be that catalyst for the students in their aquatic endeavors.  Once word got out, more students took the opportunity to “splash” on board.  We hope that more students at the school and at other schools will be inspired by what these young adults have accomplished.  We want other students to be able to experience the joy of learning to swim and have that opportunity to take part in the other aquatic activities.