We hear many different reasons why people decide to make the healthy decision to begin a wellness regiment.  Here is a story of a young lady, Ms. Demetriadis, who was determined to enjoy a family trip to Greece with her children.

” Flashback to last year, New Year’s Eve:  I fell flat on my face while exiting a movie theater.  This lack of balance, along with decreased strength and stamina convinced me to take advantage of my new insurance plan’s Silver Sneaker benefit.  I was planning an extended trip to Greece with my children and was in no shape to enjoy it at that point.  The very next week, I signed up at SwimRVA and began taking various classes:  water aerobics, line dancing and classic low-impact aerobics.  Over the months, my balance, strength, and stamina all improved and I lost some weight.  MY TRIP TO GREECE IN JUNE WAS A GREAT SUCCESS!!  I was able to see and do a lot.  My children were so proud.  I was able to climb the hill of the Acropolis and visit other ancient archaeological sites with them thanks to my improved physical condition.  We even took a side trip to visit the ruins, Ephesus in Turkey.  My classes at SwimRVA are now a priority in my life because I have seen such and improvement in my quality of life and definitely want to see more of the same.  It’s really a matter of having a longer, more active, and enjoyable life.  Thank you to Rose, Suzanne, and all the staff at SwimRVA.”

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Ms. Demetriadis is not alone and we hope her story will inspire others to take that first step to a healthy lifestyle and a fulfilling life.